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Away in a Desert

Posted in Uncategorized by jrsimon56 on December 31, 2008

Sorry it’s been a while.  Ryan and I went home to Arizona for Christmas.  But, don’t think I wasn’t cooking there, too, sharing all of my treats with my non-veg family.  I didn’t get a picture, but I did make my shepherd’s pie for the big family get together.  It was all eaten but one corner.  The verdict from them = this is good stuff!

Otherwise, here’s some pictures I did capture:

We went to lunch with my family at a favorite local place, The Skyptical Chymist.  Typical Irish Pub place with great atmosphere.  I ordered the Veggie Panini, as is, totally vegan and completely tasty.  The pesto they used on the bread rocked my socks.


For the day before Christmas Eve we went to my Nana’s house and I brought along these Chai Spice Cupcakes.  Compliments to the PPK for the recipe.  I also took them to share with Ryan’s friends Andrew and Gabe who are my veggie buddies.  These were awesome cupcakes!


Christmas Eve was spent with Ryan’s family.  Kebab’s were on the menu, so we did a few tofu skewers for me along with all the mushrooms, peppers, pearl onions and pinapple.  Tofu on the grill is my new favorite thing.  Must get a grill in the apartment:)


Christmas Day was with my family.  Mom let me  take charge in the kitchen and we all put together this fabulous brunch together.  I did the caramel spiced pears by making a simple syrup and throwing in some soy nog, cinnamon and vanilla.  Mom and Erin did the pumpkin pancakes.  I topped mine with soy whip.  Finally, Dad and Ryan did the hash browns.  Good heart healthy fare to celebrate Christmas!


Every year my Mom, sister and I make a ton of cookies and decorate them.  Here’s a bit of this year’s madness.  Exciting news, the gingerbread was already vegan!


After a party with my family, Ryan and I found Udupi Cafe in Scottsdale.   It is my new favorite place for Indian food.  Amazing flavors and the best vindaloo I’ve ever tasted.  We ordered the assorted appetizer platter with samosas and other breaded veggie things.  The dipping sauces changed my life.


As mentioned, we ordered the vegetable vindaloo.  So beautiful!  The flavors were spot on, too.  Spicy, but not overwhelming.  Just enough to perfectly balance the flavors.  Too, the veggies and chick peas were perfectly cooked.  I hate mushy veggies in my vindaloo.


It was a great holiday, but it’s good to be home again.  I’m sure I’ll be whipping up something tonight for New Year’s Eve.  I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. River (Wing-It Vegan) said, on January 5, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    Even more amazing eats! The Veggie Panini is making me drool all over my keyboard! I love the Christmas cookies!!

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